Laser Rejuvenation

Helps Rebuild

Collagenesis (new collagen growth) works by using a medical grade laser to deliver light energy into the skin. The light causes heat which is absorbed into the skin creating thermal injury, this results in an increase of fibroblast activity and angiogenesis. The textural changes noticed may include a reduction in pore size, fine lines and skin roughness, as well as skin tightening and reduced flushing/blushing. Laser rejuvenation treatments can be preformed every 2-4 weeks with little to no downtime.

Certified Laser Practitioner

At ByronMediSpa we use Syneron Candela GentleLase medical grade laser; the industry’s premier and most powerful laser, delivering optimal results with minimal side effects.  Char is a fully certified Syneron Candela Laser practitioner and holds a Queensland Government Radiation & Health Laser Licence as well as a Laser and intense Pulse light Safety Certificate ensuring you are in safe hands

Vessel Treatments

Lasers can also be used to treat vascular lesions such as Telangiectasia (facial veins), Haemangiomas, Rosacea, diffused redness. Vascular lesions are often the result of genetics, sun exposure, extreme temperatures and hormonal factors. Lasers work on vascular areas by heating the haemoglobin molecules in red blood cells. The heat from the laser destroys the red blood cells and then transfers to the vessel wall. For effective damage to occur, the entire vessel wall must receive sufficient heating. The vessel will either clear immediately or appear darker, and erythema (redness) and swelling may appear on the skin surface. As with all laser treatments, the consultation is essential to provide a desirable outcome for both the client and the laser practitioner. The number of sessions a patient needs to obtain optimal results will depend upon; skin type, size of vessel, depth of vessel and Fluence (energy). On average, most clients will need between 3 and 6 sessions with ongoing maintenance.



Full Face $180
Neck $180
Décolletage $180
Face, Neck & Décolletage $360
Hands $105
Full Face $432
Neck $432
Décolletage $432
Face + Neck + Décolletage $864
Hands $252


Nose $60
Chin $60
Cheeks $80
Forehead $60
Full Face $200
Nose $144
Chin $144
Cheeks $192
Forehead $144
Full Face $432