6 weeks rejuvenation Package for Hands or Décolletage – This April Only!!

03 Apr 6 weeks rejuvenation Package for Hands or Décolletage – This April Only!!

This Rejuvenating / Anti-Ageing treatment package is designed to target and treat loss of elasticity, fine lines, loss of tone, dull skin, pigmentation, dry or dehydrated skin. As women, our main focus is our face but we also need to pay attention to our décolletage and hands, as this can be a giveaway to true age. There are some easy to spot signs of hands and décolletage ageing: wrinkled skin, blotchy skin (liver spots, sun spots, superficial capillaries), atrophy (muscle wasting and thinning) dynamic lines that remain present all day.

In your consult you will receive 1 x Biologi Hydration Serum and 1 x Stinstitut Laser Aid. In this consult we will assess your pigmentation and can make alterations to customise your treatment plan. We will also schedule your appointments for this over the next 6 weeks.

Treatment 1: Pigment Laser

In this treatment we will laser you décolletage or hands to remove the superficial pigmentation due to sun damage. Our Gold Standard Syneron-Candela Laser will also also give you rejuvenation benefits as this treatment stimulates collagen production. You will use you Skinstitut Laser Aid lotion post treatment.

Treatment 2: Hydration Injections

2 weeks after your first pigment treatment you will have your second appointment. This treatment is the latest in innovative injectable skin treatments. Gina the cosmetic Nurse will inject 2mls of micro-droplets hydration which plumps and hydrate the skin to give it a more youthful rejuvenated appearance. This can last up to 9 months.

Treatment 3: Rejuvenation Laser

2 weeks after your hydration boosters you will have your appointment for your second pigmentation or rejuvenation laser treatment, further removing any sun damage and pigmentation. This treatment will encourage further collagen production and healthy new skin cells leaving you with more youthful vibrant skin.

Total Cost $1150

(Saving of $315)